"Originally from the U.S., Pete Whitley is the National Director for MUFON of Japan and a member of the MUFON Experiencer Resource Team. A former counselor and a certified hypnotherapist with degrees in psychology and biology, he is also an experiencer himself. As a researcher, he primarily focuses on reports of human contact with non-human intelligence. His pioneering work in astral projection has resulted in a new contact modality for interaction and communication with our visitors."


That is what you might read on the back of a book or hear as the introduction to an interview. But I am just a regular person who has had some irregular experiences in life and peeked behind the curtain. It took a lot of work and a long time... over twenty years of researching the UFO phenomenon and practicing hypnosis, among many other things. Now doing what I can to spread awareness that we are not alone and assisting other like-minded individuals to achieve contact.



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